Victoria Jelinek


vj philly sept 2018 copyFor 15 years Victoria worked in motion picture development and literary acquisitions (L.A.), marketing for international film festivals (L.A.), feature film production (N.Y.C.), and programmed & moderated events for film education (London). She has been involved with 32 theatrical releases.Victoria now writes on a freelance basis for various organizations, publishing companies, and for online & print publications (curriculum development, literature and film reviews and essays). She also teaches English literature (ages 16-19).

Victoria studied Journalism at the University of Washington, Screenwriting at The American Film Institute, holds a Master of Arts in English from King’s College, London, as well as teaching certification & a portion of her Masters in Education, from Durham University and the International Baccalaureate Organization (respectively).

B.S., M.A., M.F.A., P.G.C.E., I.B.C.T.L..

Peripatetic (but not a dilettante):

The child of teachers who did educational exchanges, Victoria was born in the Pacific Northwest, lived in Mexico City as a child, went to secondary school in the Highlands of Scotland, and spent her summers in Chicago, with the exception of a summer in Zimbabwe and in China, respectively. As an adult, Victoria won a scholarship to spend a year of her undergraduate degree in London (returning in 2001 to live there till 2011); she worked for several years in New York City, several years in Los Angeles, and for a brief period in Berlin. Victoria now lives in France with her husband and son.

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