Victoria Jelinek


VJ sketch 2019For 15 years Victoria worked in motion picture development and literary acquisitions (L.A.), marketing for international film festivals (L.A.), feature film production (N.Y.C.), and programmed & moderated events for film education (London). She has been involved with 32 theatrical releases.Victoria now writes on a freelance basis for various organizations, publishing companies, and for online & print publications (curriculum development, literature and film reviews and essays). She also teaches English literature (ages 16-19).

Victoria studied Journalism at the University of Washington, Screenwriting at The American Film Institute, holds a Master of Arts in English from King’s College, London, as well as teaching certification & a portion of her Masters in Education, from Durham University and the International Baccalaureate Organization (respectively).

Peripatetic (but not a dilettante):

The child of teachers who did educational exchanges, Victoria was born in the Pacific Northwest, lived in Mexico City as a child, went to secondary school in the Highlands of Scotland, and spent her summers in Chicago, with the exception of a summer in Zimbabwe and in China, respectively. As an adult, Victoria won a scholarship to spend a year of her undergraduate degree in London (returning in 2001 to live there till 2011); she worked for several years in New York City, several years in Los Angeles, and for a brief period in Berlin. Victoria now lives in France with her husband and son.


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