Victoria Jelinek

Mission Statement for CLN
March 23, 2006, 1:26 pm
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Manifesto for Creative London North

‘True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; the compassionate come to know that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.’ Martin Luther King

  • Creative London North realizes that even as we do not operate in a feudal society anymore, modern society has created new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle to take the place of old ones and this needs to change now.
  • Creative London North will not be another short-term initiative whose funding dries up as soon as it begins to work.
  • Creative London North is not developed by disenfranchised bureaucrats, but those who have lived and operated in the world of creative commerce.
  • Creative London North operates as a practical approach to the creative industries, even as it understands some need more support than others and therefore has a variety of programs for all levels through a vast network of partner organizations.
  • Creative London North functions on the premise that it takes time to hone your craft and build a career.
  • Creative London North is committed to those that are committed to helping themselves and taking responsibility for themselves. It does not reinforce the soft bigotry of low expectations.
  • Creative London North is the opportunity for like-minded individuals, from beginners to those farther along in the process and needing introduction to the industry, to receive guidance, feedback and real help to produce something tangible.
  • Creative London North is adaptive and responsive with those it works services, which means that it is not a one-way ‘conversation’ of programs and administrators, but a perpetual ‘tweaking’ of the programs in order to deliver what is relevant.
  • Creative London North understands that the pseudo feudal system for the creative industries, in which production is monopolized by a few closed guilds and organizations, now no longer suffices for the growing wants and abilities of the global market.

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