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Twilight – New Moon
December 18, 2009, 3:02 pm
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For those of you who are aware of the craze that the Harry Potter series was, you may also know that the Twilight books and films have surpassed them in terms of popularity.

And if you haven’t seen the Twilight films because you don’t want to be part of a teenage cult phenomena, I advise you to release any intellectual or ‘adult-like’ reservations you may have about this film, buy into the central story, which is all-encompassing love against the odds, and go see it. With the additional bonus of werewolves and the traditional vampire Volturi – led by Michael Sheen (Underworld, Blood Diamond) – in this sequel, it’s a must see on the big screen.

But let me first establish my credibility as a fellow sceptic: a friend loaned me the first book for a flight I was about to take. Shortly after I landed at my destination, I bought the rest of the books and stayed up practically all night that week to finish these tomes. Sure, I was, and am, a bit embarrassed that I like what is ultimately a clever testament to the merit of abstinence written by a Mormon, and what’s popular with 13-year-old’s around the world. However, I rationalise, this is an epic and entertaining story, and the films are fun, and well shot (on digital, btw, not celluloid) to boot.

On Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) 18th birthday, there’s an unfortunate near-death incident at vampire Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) house, and he leaves his true love for her own good (so it seems to him) and disappears from her life. Bella is absolutely devastated. Estranged from her pals and a virtual zombie at home, it’s her friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) who helps her through. But Jacob is dealing with issues of his own, such as a searing crush on our heroine. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that that’s not the only thing Jacob’s afflicted with…

In the middle of this masculine acting out, Bella pulls herself out of the trance of depression and fights to keep both men in her life.

In the same way that many superhero sequels are about our hero trying to give up their cape, New Moon is about the heartbreak that almost inevitably follows the unthinking passion that was conveyed in the first movie. This is an escapist movie at its best.

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