Victoria Jelinek

The Tourist
November 4, 2010, 10:38 pm
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The girlfriend of international fugitive Alexander Pearce, Elise (Angelina Jolie) picks up a tourist named Frank (Johnny Depp) on a train from Paris to Venice. Their plan is to persuade the police that Frank is Alexander, but then the ‘doppelganger’ becomes the target for a scary gangster.

Jolie and Depp have spent much of their careers playing roles in which they are dowdy, eccentric, neurotic, or freakish, so it’s forgivable that they’d want to take on a project that shows off their good looks before doing another ‘serious’ film or goofy Tim Burton movie.  But this film doesn’t ‘sizzle’, either in action, dialogue, or through benefit of a good chemistry between Jolie and Depp. And, while there are twists and turns, reversals and revelations, there is little to keep one engaged in this film.

This film is for those who simply want to look at one or the other actor in all of their charisma and beauty, or for those who are devotees of these actors’ work. For the rest of us expecting more, you’ll be disappointed.

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