Victoria Jelinek

Tell No One (Ne Le Dis A Personne)

The police re-open the investigation into the murder of Dr. Beck’s wife eight years earlier and new evidence puts him under suspicion. He must prove his innocence at the same time that he’s corresponding with a mysterious emailer who implies his wife is still alive, and also fending off dodgy killers.

Based on Harlan Coben’s bestselling book, the film is instantly engaging and suspenseful as it twists-and-turns throughout. You share in our hero’s grief even as you’re perpetually expecting his wife to reappear. And you feel dread as he evades cops who think he’s guilty as well as some scary criminals.

Francois Cluzet (Dr. Beck) is great as the everyman under pressure. The entire cast is good, which is evidence of a capable director (Guillaume Canet), and Kristin Scott Thomas sexily shows off her French. Eccentric character touches – the unlikely source of help, the OCD cop, the best friend, and the strange female killer – give the film a sense of humour and humanity.

While the book takes place in the USA, and the soundtrack includes Jeff Buckley and U2, the film is very French in its setting, talent, aesthetic, and the subtext that money corrupts. This is an absolutely gripping thriller.


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