Victoria Jelinek

Due Date

Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) is trying to get home to his expectant wife. However, his efforts to get back are pitched into chaos when he crosses paths with wannabe actor Ethan (Zach Galifianakis).

The circumstances and events in this road movie are bizarre encounters, complete tribulations, and vehicular mayhem. DUE DATE aspires to be an edgier, darker, more of an odd-couple-on-a-road-trip film than the very similar PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES, however one can’t help but to remember how great this earlier film and its actors (John Candy, Steve Martin) really were in the face of this comparison. DUE DATE achieves it’s ‘darker’ side and edgier side in this reviewers opinion, only because it is crueller and meaner, not because its funnier or politically incorrect.

For every funny moment, and there are a few, there are some downright unsettling ones, too, such as when Peter punches a small child, spits in Sonny’s face, or mocks a disabled veteran. Most of the humour is rude and silly, such as when Ethan and his bulldog Sonny simultaneously masturbate.

One can’t help but think that Downey Jr. was after a bit of ‘dosh’ in order to make this film or he wouldn’t have touched it with a ten-foot barge pole. That said, this is a film that won’t make you lament the two hours and price of a cinema ticket you’ve spent if you watch it on DVD, or, best yet, on TV at some point…

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