Victoria Jelinek

We’re the Millers

Were the Millers posterA neighborhood pot dealer and underachiever (Jason Sudeikis) needs to put together a fake family in order to complete a drug smuggle that will save his skin, so he recruits a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a runaway (Emma Roberts), and a sweet, but stupid boy (Will Poulter), to be his family as they take the stock over the border from Mexico.

I’d never heard of this film before renting it. In the mood for light comedy, and hopefully a few laughs, I began watching it with skepticism. Oh-my-goodness, it is a hilarious film! I laughed consistently throughout, and was in a giddy mood afterward. I’d normally attribute my enjoyment of this film to my having had poor expectations in the first place and consequently being happily surprised, but my normally dour husband, a critic of American humor, laughed out loud throughout the film, too. There are moments when the scenes slip into a mild awkwardness – an inevitable result of everyone’s improvising – and the third act is weaker than the first two, but it doesn’t matter because each member of the cast is so talented and comedic, the result is an incredibly funny and heartfelt film.